Furnishing Your Home the Stress-free Way

Preserving your peace-of-mind with our systematic approach

7 Easy Steps to Organise Your Complete Furniture Rental Needs


At Asia Furniture Rental, we are well-organised to meet all your furniture rental requirements through our meticulous step-by-step approach:


1. Understanding your unique needs

We will explore your requirements down to the details of mattress choices, interior decoration style and customisation requests. We will also discuss your budget allocation to find the most cost-effective solutions for you.

2. Furniture selection

Our furniture experts will show you our existing furniture collection to pick out the items you fancy. We also offer expert advice on the best choices to fit your needs identified in Step 1.

3. Full furniture listing

Based on your selection, a full listing including pricing of each item and charges for customisation will be prepared for your perusal and approval.

4. Leasing agreement

A leasing agreement will be drawn up based on the finalised furniture listing. The leasing of furniture will commence upon the signing of this agreement.

5. Furniture delivery

All furniture items selected from our existing collection can be delivered within 2 to 3 days. Customised furniture are usually delivered in 2 to 3 weeks.

6. After sales service

We take care of all your future repair or replacement needs due to normal wear and tear for the leasing duration. Replacement furniture of equivalent or better quality is available during the repair period.

7. Contract review

The leasing contract will be up for review 2 months before its expiration date. You can choose to renew with us or even own the furniture with a nominal payment.