Benefits of Furniture Rental

Exclusively for Expatriates’ Home Away Home

  • Get to choose your preferred range of furniture: Classical or Contemporary all we have
  • Minimal capital outlay
  • No more paying high shipping costs and expose your precious furniture to risk of damage during transportation
  • Risk free, furniture leasing agreement also has a diplomatic clause in your best interest
  • No more hassle with difficult landlords at times. Fare wear and tear we take care
  • Various leasing scheme with flexibility to accommodate to your budgets and duration of stay

Landlords, Individual, Copmpanies or Developers

Explicitly increase the marketability of properties for leasing
  • Little initial capital outlay
  • No more storage or disposal problems
  • Risk free,furniture leasing agreement also has diplomatic clause same with the apartment/house tenancy agreement
  • Hassle free,during lease period,we take of maintenance and repair
  • Variety of range catering to expatriate’s preference be it classical or contemporary

For Real Estate Home Search or Managing Agents as value added service to eliminate the following situations :

  • The potential tenants like the apartment/house;however,the existing furniture provided by the landlords is not to their taste
  • The lanlords are not willing to purchase or change the furniture to the potential tenants’ liking
  • Your tenants or landlords keep calling you for the breakdown of appliances and furniture, which deprive you of quality time
  • At the end of leases, many a times,disputes arises from the fare wear and tear of the furniture.You are being put in tight fit position which is uncalled for

One stop for every furniture needs with personalized service.